How and why do human beings connect to the world around them?
How does the way we communicate influence our perception of life and reality?
How can the basic human needs of being interconnected and protected be reinforced?

My paintings reflect the desire to nourish and nurture subconscious communication patterns, thereby transcending the distracting noise and clatter of everyday human reality, and thus, revitalizing the spiritual, the natural and the human patterns of connection and interaction.

Many of my works include psychopomps – mystical or religious guides whose function is, according to Jungian psychology, to act as archetypal mediators between the unconscious and conscious realms.

Incorporating or outlining psychopomps in my art or motifs has not been a conscious decision but is rather an intuitive materialization of an internal psychological process to express the need to re-establish a relation and connection with nature by "personifying" it.

For me painting means "inner art works" exploring a metaphysical level of communication as a counterweight to the communication structures that many of us are forced to adapt to in our everyday adult lives.

Therefore, I do not paint real entities but focus on trying to make the invisible visible by depicting life energy as a whole using subtle layers of perception for visualization.